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How I Earn $50,000/Month Creating Videos Without Ever Picking Up A Camera
The sure-fire, surprisingly simple method for creating videos worth thousands (without the hefty price tag or time investment)
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Your Presenter: Brady Shearer
CEO of Pro Church Tools and Storytape

Thursday Jan 25th @ 11am PST/ 2pm EST

Make sure to arrive early as we only have room for 500 on the live training. 
On this free BRAND NEW training, you’ll discover...
Secret #1
The exact steps you need to take to sell your first video (without sleazy sales tactics or high-pressure conversations)
Secret #2
How to find and copy a proven video format in less than 60 minutes with Storytape
Secret #3
How to secure $10,000+ in recurring revenue every single month from clients that can’t get enough of your videos
"Brady has accomplished something that very few businesses ever do - create a business model that the creation of high end premium products while maintaining a profit in often cash-strapped industries."
- Dave Shrein, Owner, Shrein Media LLC
"Brady Shearer is a beast. When it comes to video and storytelling, Brady is my go to expert."
- Justin Dean, Co-Founder,
"Everyone should be taking note of Brady’s savvy business sense and reverse engineering his winning techniques. He knows how to find winning ideas, build brands, overcome obstacles and succeed beyond what others thought was possible."
- Jeff McIntosh, Motion Graphics Artist
FREE TRAINING WEBINAR - How I Earn $50,000/Month Creating Videos Without Ever Picking Up A Camera•


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